Friday, February 18


It's more than a year now that I am using this blog, gained lots of referrals, visitors and of course money from it. But, every good thing should also come to an end. I will be closing this site because I already transferred it from a self-hosted platform. Though, a bit hesitant because I have to start all over again, I am very positive that this move will be more beneficial for me and you guys!

A very early soon I will remove the posts here so no conflict will occur, I already transferred the blog followers and chatbox to my new site.

As of now, I'm done tweaking the new site and it is now ready for your visit guys.

The differences are URL and lay-out only but the content is all the same.

Just click the link below so you will see my new blog. Hoping that you will also patronize this new blog of mine like how you patronized this blog!

See you on my new blog guys,